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The exhibition itinerary programme of the Sartori House Museum begins with an exhibition tribute to one of the best representative personalities of Castel d'Ario community and of all Italy: Tazio Nuvolari.

The appointment coincides with the 60th anniversary of the great cars pilot 's death. At the very beginning we felt him as an ideal figure, able to inspire a lot of artists because he was not anonymous: he was a positive hero and a symbol of a growing Italy ... a very known and famous personality, celebrated and often remembered, to be carefully analyzed, since he has been honoured - of course - but not with the emphasis that – perhaps - he would deserve ... Tazio Nuvolari - the greatest cars driver of the first half of the previous century - has always got into the collective imagination for those qualities of courage, boldness and audacity which all people have recognized and often envied ... In the thirties, Tazio's popularity was enormous and the great of the time competed for him. In 1932, eleven days after Montecarlo's triumph, the poet Gabriele D'Annunzio welcame him at the “Vittoriale” and tributed him with a small golden tortoise, a jewel which Tazio would have later on chosen as his own symbol and amulet. The tortoise symbol would have been also used as writing paper, painted on the side of his private airplane, pinned on his yellow jerseys. Some years later, Secondo Casadei, the founder of the folk orchestra with the same name, dedicated the song 'Nuvolari' to him. Enzo Ferrari - some time later - said of him: ”He has an almost inhuman courage ...” To Tazio - the cars pilot who challenged even airplanes-will be dedicated the important car racing ”Tazio Nuvolari Prize” and the legendary 'Mille Miglia' - won by him-is still today - at Castel d'Ario - one of the places usually chosen for the race. Also the singer Lucio Dalla dedicated to our bold driver a song, become later famous.

As for the idea above mentioned to honour Tazio Nuvolari, it must be said that it required courage: Arianna Sartori bravely embarked on the enterprise. She made contact, invited, organized and supervised the present day exhibition. The artists have been entrusted a new myth to be studied, investigated, developed and analyzed, which would have led them to the production of the works exhibited here. In fact, the artists - of different generations and coming from varied Italian regions - have joined the initiative, with enthusiasm, because involved and excited by such an outstanding figure,who lent himself well to the different interpretations of individual personalities. Some of the artists lived Nuvolari's myth in their youth, others – today - relive him in their memory: the outcome is a curious and intriguing collection of works, that finds a logical sense only in the subject. Nevertheless, to detect what aspect of the personage has captured our artists' imagination and creativity is even more fascinating.

To balance the different artistic expressions, to involve the many and varied personalities has not been easy at all. Of course, all the invited painters - as I said before - are all artists of great renown. Among them some are also professors in Italian Academies of Art, while others - despite being young - have produced very interesting and fine works, both from the artistic and cultural point of view, which have attracted the attention of critics on them.

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