At the Museum, a multilingual digital platform is available free of charge for all visitors where, through their smartphone or tablet, it is possible to access emotional paths parallel to the visit to deepen what is exhibited. You can discover by approaching the display case, for example containing the heirloom / cup of a race, an exhaustive card of the race where you can see and read: video; anecdotes and curiosities; the poster; path; the car used and its engine roar with some pictures and its 3D model.

It does not require any installation but a simple internet connection (iWAEM by GlobalMedia).

It will also be possible to leave a comment, which will be recorded in the virtual book of the Museum and take special and particular selfies, receiving them via email through your initial registration. And other surprises await you!

The emotional paths change and are carried out periodically in support of events or periods. Therefore it is advisable to return to visit the Museum to discover the innumerable deeds that our pilot has raced over time, and not just cars and motorcycles! 

In addition, the Museum creates ad-hoc emotional paths with the aim of making known or rediscovering, through innovative tools, the uniqueness of this character. They have been designed to support all types of activities in the world (multilingual): in public and private structures, events, demonstrations, rallies, exhibitions and locations. Not only in the Sports field but above all in the Cultural and Educational field, with the possibility of promoting your territory and giving visibility to the sponsors who will participate.

Our ways of interacting will adapt to any type of situation.
The user-friendly digital KITs will give the possibility to access through a simple smartphone / tablet.
They do not occupy particular spaces and adapt to every need. Interactive and personalized gadgets.

We remain available to provide information and deepen a possible collaboration, contact us: digital@tazionuvolari.it