The victories on motorcycle

The victories listed in this sheet are those obtained by Nuvolari in the main motorcycle competitions in which he took part and of which there is certain information. In total: 49 statements, of which 15 absolute and 34 at the level of the engine capacity class. Particularly noteworthy: from 1925 the rider from Mantua always competed with the Bianchi 350 and won the overall victory 8 times, recording better performances than those of his rivals riding higher displacement bikes.
Other minor successes not taken into consideration here (no less than 17) were achieved in meetings that in the 20s of the twentieth century were usually held at the end of the season on velodrome or racecourse, with race formulas borrowed from track cycling: lap with start stationary, running lap, chase and so on.
Three international speed records set in Monza in 1925 with the Bianchi 350 (300 kilometers, 3 hours and 400 kilometers, with average km / h 125.006, 121.797 and 121.428 respectively) must also be added to Tazio's motorcycle golden roll. , as well as 2 Italian Champion titles, won in 1924 (class 500) and in 1926 (class 350).


The victories on cars

This sheet groups together the successes achieved by Nuvolari in the main car races in which he participated. Thus the balance sheet: 55 overall victories plus 37 at the level of category or class of displacement. No other "partial" statements, obtained in eliminatory heats (7) or in regularity competitions (3), were included in the list.
Two international speed records set in 1935 on the Firenze-Mare motorway with the Alfa Romeo Bimotore (1 kilometer and 1 mile with a rolling start, respectively at 321.428 and 323.125 km per hour, must be added to Tazio's automotive golden register ).
Nuvolari also won the 1932 International Championship of the AIACR (the international association of recognized Automobile Clubs): in practice, an equivalent of today's "F1 World"). He was also absolute Italian motor racing champion in 1932, 1935 and 1936. In the races on the circuit Tazio recorded the fastest lap no less than 100 times: 59 by car, 41 by motorbike.