05/03/2024 - MTN - Sports award ceremony 2023

The Gazzetta di Mantova of 5/3/2024 dedicates an article to the awarding of the Mantuan sportsmen who distinguished themselves in 2023 in the various car specialties. Event organized by Aci Mantova at the Tazio Nuvolari Museum.



The articles published today by Gazzetta di Mantova and La Voce di Mantova regarding the emotional evening at the Tazio Nuvolari Museum in honor of the "flying Mantovano" and the presentation of the NUVOLARI perfume created by Andrea Bissoli Rubini.

In collaboration with Gruppo Tea, MyNet, GlobalMedia, Fondazione Banca Agricola Mantovana, Eberhard & Co. Watches - Official, Cantine Giubertoni, Voglia di Pane.



Participation in the second edition, the Tazio Nuvolari Museum pays homage in memory for the 70th year since his death, to the legendary Tigullio Motorcycle Circuit (14/15 October), where our champion from Mantua competed from 1924 to 1930, winning two editions.


16/09/2023 - ROUTE 21 - The bike that creates inclusion

Special event at the Tazio Nuvolari Museum, with the presentation of the social project "On the way with Piero sul Route21" created by Route21 Chromosome on the road and the book "Route21: road, life and chromosomes", written by Dr. Gian Piero Papasodero, Vice President of the different-me and speaker association of the evening.

This "On the Road" road education project, in which truly extraordinary children are protagonists, is supported by the Police Headquarters of Mantua - with the participation of the commissioner Dr. Giannina Roatta - and by Aci Mantua represented by the director Dr. Giuseppe Pottocar and the Vice President Dr. Enrico Marocchi.

Also present at the meeting was the Vicar prefect Dr. Giorgio Spezzaferri and the commander of the Mantua Traffic Police Dr. Laura Patrizi.

The values of inclusion, friendship and respect for the rules were illustrated and also underlined by Aipd Mantova - Italian Association of people Down, who participated in the event with the President of the Norma Rondini and numerous members.

The evening closed the emotional video made by the partner of the GlobalMedia Museum and dedicated to Tazio Nuvolari in 70 • Year from his disappearance.



The FRENEMIES exhibition, curated by Fabio Castagna and created by the Italian Cultural Institute in New York in collaboration with GlobalMedia, lands overseas in Manhattan. Free admission and visitors will have the Digital Bank of the Tazio Nuvolari museum at their disposal to view the victorious deeds of our Mantuan champion on American territory.

Newspapers: LA VOCE DI NEW YORK , WE THE ITALIANS ,  Italian Institute Culture in New York  ,  Automobile Club Mantova 



The Automobile Club Mantova and the Tazio Nuvolari Museum, with the participation of the Municipal Administration, recalled yesterday, August 11, the 70th anniversary of his death of our champion from Mantua. Placed a laurel wreath on the monument in Largo Pradella, near Viale Tazio Nuvolari. On the occasion, the Museum's Digital Card was handed out to view the special and exclusive digital contents, where our champion was the protagonist, created by the partner GlobalMedia.




06/06/2023 - Eco Di Suzzara - Nazario Ardori.

This morning Aci Mantova received the welcome visit of Nazario Ardori, a passionate Mantuan collector of vintage cars, who collaborates with his son Cristiano Ardori with the Tazio Nuvolari Museum. Mr. Ardori gave Eco Di Suzzara an exciting interview. In the images you can admire the legendary FIAT 501 Sport from 1924.



Article published in the "Passion on two wheels" column of Slowdrive Magazine, the first magazine of vintage car road tourism.


15/03/2023 - ACI SPORTS MEMBERS AWARD 2022

In the beautiful setting of the Tazio Nuvolari Museum, the ACI of Mantua awarded the Members who distinguished themselves ninth in the 2022 season.


13/01/2023 - La Celeste Galeria at the Tazio Nuvolari Museum

Ttwenty-year anniversary of the famous international exhibition ''La Celeste Galeria'', the organizers have proposed a prestigious venue in Mantua, such as the Tazio Nuvolari Museum, to host the press conference to present the ''COME BACK'' project, nationwide.

Local and national institutions participated. The Undersecretary for Culture Vittorio Sgarbi, special guest, who will be the promoter of the project to the minister, was present on videocall. Other video connections have allowed people involved twenty years ago in the creation of the exhibition to represent and remember what they had participated in.


19/12/2022 - Motors: also in 2023 Ac Mantova celebrates Nuvolari

The Mantova Automobile Club launched a multi-year project in 2020 aimed at honoring and preserving the memory of Tazio Nuvolari all over the world and at enhancing the Tazio Nuvolari Museum, which in Mantova houses the precious memorabilia of the greatest driver of all time.

With the ''Digital experience of the Tazio Nuvolari Museum'' in 2021, a digital bank of digital archiving was developed: with the support of historians and specialists, over a thousand interactive cards were created relating to races, cars and motorcycles, cinema materials , testimonials, music, stamps, publishing, illustrations, etc., biography, places, curiosities, records, awards.

In 2022, AC Mantova has put together an impressive program of events to honor, commemorate and keep alive the memory of the champion in the 130th year since his birth. On the website of the Museum and on the Facebook page are collected videos, images and extra content relating to the events organized directly or in partnership in Mantua, in Italy and in the world, up to the final open day on November 16th at the Museum Nuvolari.

''Above all among young people, sports enthusiasts and tourists, the combination of car rallies and face-to-face events was particularly appreciated, with modern interactive tools such as digital postcards, webApps and a responsive website, which allow exciting multimedia contents to be downloaded even remotely''. declares the director of the Tazio Nuvolari Museum Giuseppe Pottocar. For the president of Ac Mantova Alberto Marenghi, ''Tazio Nuvolari is our legend and in remembering his memorable deeds we are proud to actively contribute to representing all the values of the ACI Federation: motor sport, promotion of the territory and associations, tourism and safety road''. In 2023 the Automobile Club Mantova decided to continue the digital evolution of the Tazio Nuvolari Museum, as well as to consolidate its role as a representative point of historic and sporting motoring in Mantua in the 70th anniversary of the driver's death. (HANDLE).



16/11/2022 - A life as a champion, it's Nuvolari's day: 'Our legend'

OPEN DAY at the Tazio Nuvolari Museum, full of commemorative events and guests, from Institutions to Partners who have consolidated their support, in this particular year, in providing and realizing events and special occasions around the world to remember our champion from Mantua, not only as sporty.


11/11/2022 - FAI celebrates 130 years Tazio Nuvolari

Organized by the FAI Delegation of Mantua, in collaboration with Aci Mantova, Nuvolari Museum and Cantine Giubertoni, an important event that celebrates 130 years from the birth of the great automotive champion (and not only) Tazio Nuvolari inside the museum dedicated to him in Mantua in via Giulio Romano.

FAI proposes a journey in the footsteps of the Flying Mantuan on his birthday. Wednesday 16 November, at 6.00 pm, in collaboration with the Nuvolari Museum and ACI and with the Cantine Giubertoni, will be an evening of discoveries and surprises that will end with a special toast and the presentation of the new Nuvolari sparkling wine. At the Nuvolari Museum in via Giulio Romano (corner of via Nazario Sauro), the journey begins with the Reggio-based writer Massimo Tassi, who will anticipate the discoveries and curiosities of the book he is preparing, amidst ancient motor rivalries, the champion's surprising literary activities and the persistence of the myth in the places where he competed. Tassi is a passionate researcher and has already published stories and essays dedicated to the pilot. A dive into the museum follows, to be read through the webApp that opens up new stories and dimensions for the precious objects on display.

Then the great finale with a toast for the champion: an aperitif with parmesan, salami and schiacciatine, the right occasion to present and taste the brand new Nuvolari sparkling wine, debuting on this very day, with the experts of the Giubertoni wineries who will describe how it is this wine with the unmistakable sign of Nuvolari already on the label was made.

The FAI evening will close the Open Day that the museum organizes on the anniversary of the birth of the pilot, born 130 years ago in Castel d'Ario, on November 16, 1892.



The Tazio Nuvolari Museum participated in the historical re-enactment of the Vintage Auto and Cultural Initiatives, 5th Revival, on 4 September 2022 in San Giovanni Lupatoto VR.
Our champion, in this circuit, participated twice and in both he finished first, with the bike (1927 BIANCHI Freccia Celste 350cc) and by car (1928 BUGATTI 35C 2000cc).


28/08/2022 - NIVOLA'S YEAR on the legendary Stelvio Pass

The Tazio Nuvolari Museum participated in the historical re-enactment of the highest uphill race in the world, celebrating the 90th anniversary of the first race on 28 August 1932.

Tazio Nuvolari on that occasion, despite running with the 2300 cc Alfa Romeo MM having half the cylinders less than his German competitor, finished 4th behind Stuck by just 20 seconds, but finished 2nd in the 2000cc category.



Tazio Nuvolari on the 69th anniversary of his death. The Aci of Mantua, the Museum dedicated to the "Flying Mantuan" and the Municipality of Mantua have placed the laurel wreaths on the monument in Largo Porta Pradella, in the homonymous gardens.

The champion was commemorated by the director of Aci Mantova Enrico Marocchi.

The ceremony was also attended by the prefect Gerlando Iorio and the president of the municipal council Massimo Allegretti. The affection that the Mantuan people have for their champion was reiterated, becoming famous also abroad.

Nuvolari was a hero of international motoring. A 1924 Fiat also arrived in front of the monument, a vintage racing car, further evidence of the years in which the "Mantovano Volante" reaped his most brilliant successes.



The Tazio Nuvolari Museum, belonging to the Mantova Automobile Club, has joined the Supercard Cultura 2022 museum project with other cultural institutions in the area, dedicated to the citizens of Mantua and its province.

The important initiative was presented yesterday afternoon in the Council Chamber of the Municipality by the Mayor of Mantua Mattia Palazzi and by the Director of the Palazzo Te Foundation Stefano Baia Curioni.

"ACI has a fundamental institutional objective - says Giuseppe Pottocar, Director of the Automobile Club Mantova and of the Tazio Nuvolari Museum - and this objective is to promote our territory by providing high quality services for motorists and citizens in general. Joining the important and precious Supercard Cultura initiative allows us to strengthen our role as authoritative referent in the field of mobility, tourism and historic and sporting motoring, which find their natural home in our Tazio Nuvolari Museum, in the 130th year from the birth of the unforgettable flying Mantuan ".


16/06/2022 - The Mille Miglia into Mantua

The Mille Miglia in Mantua to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the Tazio Nuvolari legend. The winner of the 130 Trophy Tazio Nuvolari (ACI Mantova e Comune di Castel d'Ario), held in Mantua on the occasion of the passage of the Mille Miglia, will be presented at the awards ceremony in Brescia on Saturday 18 June. Over 430 cars competed and paraded in Piazza Sordello for the convelida stamp at the passage of the stage.


06/06/2022 - 1000Miglia - TROPHY 130 NUVOLARI

The most beautiful race in the world will pass on June 15th in the city of Virgilio, the Gonzagas and Tazio Nuvolari. Extraordinary opening of the Museum dedicated to "Nivola". Along the shores of Lago di Mezzo they will face the Time Trials that will sanction the winner of the 130 Nuvolari Trophy, established by the Mantova Automobile Club and the Municipality of Castel d'Ario to celebrate the 130th anniversary of the birth of Tazio Nuvolari, the Mantovano Volante.

On the occasion, Fabio Castagna will present the Digital Card initiative with the President and the Director of ACI Mantua, a multilingual interactive postcard, which ACI Mantua will promote internationally, to offer an emotional vision during NIVOLA'S YEAR activities.

After the success at the “Wheels in History” meeting at the Vittoriale degli Italiani, it will be distributed in the Mantua area, in collaboration with the Club 8Volanti Tazio Nuvolari - affiliated with ACI Storico - during the 130 Nuvolari Trophy and the passage of the 1000 Miglia. It will be possible for free to discover and view the historical enterprises conquered by our Mantuan champion in past editions. Multimedia cards of the races, cars, photo and video galleries.

In addition, the Tazio Nuvolari Museum offers reduced-price admission to those who present the postcard at the ticket office by 31 December 2022.

ACI Mantua Press Office and Tazio Nuvolari Museum

+39 076 33225691



24/03/2022 - SPORTS MEMBERS 2021

The annual ACI Mantova award ceremony for 2021 sports members was held at the Museum. Special thanks go to Luigi Simoneschi, President of the A.C. Mantua, which together with the Director Giuseppe Pottocar led the award ceremony. We also thank the Club 8Volanti Tazio Nuvolari, chaired by Aldo Pisano and the CEO of GlobalMedia Fabio Castagna.


LUIGI MALANCA CUP: Journalist, Gianni Cancellieri

List of winners: LINK Items


18/03/2022 - FORMULA 1 - Nuvolari, the best

l'Automobile - March 2022 - l'Automobile Clud d'Italia

FORMULA 1 - Nuvolari, the best

He is the man who has raced and won everywhere, however and with any car. Even the challenge with the most ruthless of opponents: the passing of time.



01/03/2022 - The legends of blue sport on Ita Airways aircraft

In the new ITA Airways "Piazza di Spagna" Lounge, at Terminal E of Rome Fiumicino airport, Alfredo Altavilla, Executive Chairman of ITA Airways and Fabio Lazzerini, CEO of ITA Airways, presented the new Volare loyalty program and unveiled the names of the blue champions to whom the planes with blue livery have been dedicated. In addition to the national and foreign press, the Undersecretary for Sport Valentina Vezzali, the President of CONI Giovanni Malagň, and the President and CEO of Sport Salute S.p.A. were guests of ITA. Vito Cozzoli, later Bebe Vio, Gregorio Paltrinieri, Simone Barlaam, Giuseppe Abbagnale, Novella Calligaris, Deborah Compagnoni, Flavia Pennetta, Francesca Schiavone, Adriano Panatta, Filippo Ganna, Andrea Lucchetta, Dino Meneghin, Gustav Thoeni, Elisa Balsamo, Giacomo Agostini, and with them the President Giovanni Petrucci, Mrs. Federica Cappelletti (widow of Paolo Rossi), Nicola Riva (son of Gigi), the heirs Gioia Bartali and Angelo Fausto Coppi, and the Director of the Museum dedicated to Tazio Nuvolari, Giuseppe Pottocar.

The one named after a great driver, Tazio Nuvolari, could not be missing.
A champion who made the history of Italian sport, multiple champion of motorcycles and cars, who dominated the racing scene from 1922 to 1950 with record victories and exploits to the limit of the impossible. The sixth Airbus, an Ita Airways A330 with the new blue livery that made the first flight on the Rome-New York international route.

The video story of the presentation LINK.


25/02/2022 - WHEELS IN HISTORY 2022

ACI Storico with "Wheels in history" celebrates 130 years of Tazio Nuvolari thanks to the Automobile Club Mantova.

The Castel D'Ario-Vittoriale car rally scheduled for 8/5/2022 and realized with the support of the Club 8Volanti Tazio Nuvolari - newly affiliated to the ACI Storico Club - of the Museo Tazio Nuvolari and the Mantuan partner GlobalMedia, will be officially presented in the conference scheduled for this evening at the Sala Pretoria of the Municipality of Castel D'Ario. In this context, the participation of the Mantova Automobile Club in the 2022 edition of the prestigious ACI Storico format "Wheels in History" takes on particular importance.


10/12/2021 - NIVOLA'S YEAR

Realizzazione evento emozionale presso il Museo Tazio Nuvolari (Automobile Club Mantova), per l'inaugurazione del progetto MEMORY, progettato e realizzato da GlobalMedia. Piattaforma emozionale interattiva a supporto dei visitatori.

Curatore: Fabio Castagna; Cantante: Giorgia Francesconi - Soprano di Coloratura; Service: GlobalMedia.

MEMORY Supporto interattivo mobile - iWAEM by