17/04/2023 - RUOTE NELLA STORIA Mantua 2023


The third edition of RUOTE NELLA STORIA 2023 in Mantua has successfully concluded. ACI Storico

Organized by ACI Mantova , 8Volanti Tazio Nuvolari and GlobalMedia , in collaboration with the Comune di Curtatone, Gruppo TEA and the Museo Enzo Ferrari.

In this Mantuan edition we start from the Borgo del Sagrato delle Grazie to arrive at the Museum dedicated to Enzo Ferrari in Modena, on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the death of Tazio Nuvolari and the 125th anniversary of the birth of Enzo Ferrari .

In these places the champion Tazio Nuvolari raced and won in the circuits of Belfiore and Modena.

SANCTUARY OF GRAZIE-CURTATONE MANTUA: The Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Grazie is located about 9 km from the city of Mantua and about 30 km from Lake Garda, in the ancient and picturesque village of Grazie di Curtatone, along the state road to Cremona, on a hill overlooking the valleys of the Mincio. 

MONUMENTAL CEMETERY OF MANTUA: The monumental cemetery of Mantua, also known as the Borgo Angeli monumental cemetery, includes a long series of monumental tombs, including that of Tazio Nuvolari. 

ENZO FERRARI MUSEUM OF MODENA: Inaugurated in 2012, the Enzo Ferrari Museum contains two distinct and complementary realities: the first is the house where Enzo Ferrari was born in 1898, the architectural center of gravity of the entire museum area, the second is an exhibition gallery, the now famous "coffin" of yellow aluminum, which wraps around the Birthplace like an open hand; a futuristic building to tell the world about the passion that produced dream cars, a 5000 m2 structure designed by Jan Kaplicky.