30/06/2023 - Conference at the Museum - OM: men, cars, racing.

Conference at the Museum - OM: men, cars, racing.

At the Tazio Nuvolari Museum, culture and history of the car meet with the conference "OM: men, cars, racing".

A special evening, many protagonists, fans present and fun and exciting moments. The speaker Dr. Fabrizio Rossi, President and Conservator of the OM International Register, will illustrate the exciting story of the Officine Meccaniche di Brescia, the Italian company specialized in the production of vehicles, but also and above all of prestigious cars, which have significantly contributed to the history and development of Italian motoring and motoring. On this occasion, OM 665 Superba MM from 1930, owned by Mr. Giuseppe, will be exhibited at the Tazio Museum.


• Exhibition of the 1930 OM 665 MM Superba;

• Emotional video dedicated to the triumphs and extraordinary life of Tazio Nuvolari;

• Conference “OM: men, machines, racing”;

• Final toast with Nuvolari sparkling wine.

A special thanks to all the representatives of the Authorities; to Mr. Giuseppe Nobis, owner of the extraordinary OM car; to Dr. Fabrizio Rossi, President and Curator of the OM International Registry and to Dr. Mauro Negri, President of the Negri Foundation, conference speakers; to GlobalMedia CEO Fabio Castagna; to the President of the 8Volanti Club Tazio Nuvolari Aldo Pisano; at Cantine Giubertoni and Alice Love Classic..


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