11/10/2023 - 56th MOTORISTOR'S DAY


In a Tazio Nuvolari Museum packed with participants, in the presence of H.E. the Prefect of Mantua Dr. Gerlando Iorio, the President of Aci Mantova Alberto Marenghi and the major authorities, the 56th Motorist's Day was celebrated, during which Automobile Club Mantova awarded the ACI "Pioneers of the Steering Wheel" members, the Law enforcement officers and those who have distinguished themselves with meritorious works in favor of motorists in Mantua during 2022.

President Marenghi underlined the importance of the traditional synergy between public institutions in Mantua to guarantee the safety and information of citizens.

Finally, the Police Commissioner of Mantua Dr. Giannina Roatta, the Vice President of the Diversa-Mente Association Dr. Gian Piero Papasodero and the ACI Director Dr. Giuseppe Pottocar recalled the important social road education project “With Piero on his motorbike on the Route21”, created by Route21 Chromosome on the Road in collaboration with the Mantua Police Headquarters and Automobile Club Mantova.