15/03/2024 - The myth of the flying Mantuan

The myth of the flying Mantuan

The Tazio Nuvolari Museum had the honor of hosting the National Union of Italian Knights (U.N.C.I.) - Mantua Section, whose President Corrado Andreani created the special event "The myth of the flying Mantuan", in collaboration with the 'Automobile Club of Mantua.

Event speakers:

• Arch. Marco Poltronieri: “Nuvolari in family memories”.
• Dr. Giuseppe Pottocar: “The Tazio Nuvolari Museum in the world”.

The Arch. Poltronieri narrated interesting anecdotes and documented with rare images the life of his grandfather Decimo Compagnoni, mechanic and co-pilot of Tazio Nuvolari.

Finally, the President of U.N.C.I. Corrado Andreani and the Aci Director Giuseppe Pottocar presented the agreement between the two institutions, an agreement based on the sharing of common values and objectives of social promotion and valorisation of the excellence of our territory.