06/05/2024 - Above the clouds there is always the sun

Above the clouds there is always the sun

The Tazio Nuvolari Museum, partners in the initiative in collaboration with the Club Ottovolanti, hosted this morning, in the presence of the authorities, the press conference for the presentation of the event "above the clouds is always the sun", solidarity Travel on the wheels of historic cars. The event is promoted by the province of Mantua, municipality of Curtatone, Mantua Automobile Club, Lions Club Mantua Host, Casa del Sole Onlus Association. The boys of the Casa del Sole Association was attended at the press conference. The appointment is for May 19, 2024 from 10:00 to 16:00 - for more information tel. +39 3516814623 - Registration € 12.00 (meal included). In case of rain, the event will be moved to May 26, 2024.
Dr. Carlo Bottani, president of the province of Mantua and mayor of the city of Curtatone, Dr. Andrea Caprini, councilor of the Municipality of Mantua present at today's event today; Dr. Giannina Roatta, commissioner of Mantua police headquarters in Mantua; Dr. Emanuele Torelli, president of the Casa del Sole Onlus Association; Dr. Alessandro Colombo, Lions Club International District Governor; Dr. Natalino Affini, president of the Mantua Host Lions Club; Dr. Lorenzo Corradini, manager of the Casa del Sole and Fabio Castagna, president of GlobalMedia.it.