2022 is a year full of initiatives and events for the Mantova Automobile Club, which as part of the "NIVOLA'S YEAR" wants to commemorate the 130th anniversary of the birth of Tazio Nuvolari by launching a series of events in Italy, abroad and at Tazio Nuvolari Museum.

One of the top events is scheduled for next May 8, with the Wheels in the History format of ACI Storico, organized by the A.C. Mantua with the patronage of the Municipality of Castel d'Ario and with the support of the Club 8Volanti Tazio Nuvolari (affiliated with ACI Storico).

The event, which will take place right in the village where the "flying Mantuan" was born, will come alive in the morning starting at 08.00, the time when participants are expected to meet at the Piazza Castello car park. At 9.15am the cars in the column will proceed in the direction of the Vittoriale D’Italia, crossing enchanting landscapes such as the valleys of the Micino river, the historic hills of San Martino, and then skirting Lake Garda up to Gardone Riviera.

Once you reach Gabriele d'Annunzio's home, a visit to the Park is planned, while after lunch, which will be held in the immediate vicinity, in the afternoon you can watch a show entitled Emotions, History and Passion in the Vittoriale auditorium.

Registrations will be open until May 4th.

Information: Luigi Simoneschi Sports Delegate 339 3236785 luisimone2@virgilio.it

AC Mantova Secretariat: Dr. Silvia Bellini Tel. 0376 / 325.691 - 0376 / 318.475 segreteria@mantova.aci.it

Tourism and Sport Office:Giovanni Madella Members, Rossella Biondi Tel. 0376 / 325.691 - 0376 / 318.475 soci@mantova.aci.it

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Event program 8 May