28/08/2022 - NIVOLA'S YEAR on the legendary Stelvio Pass

NIVOLA'S YEAR on the legendary Stelvio Pass

The Tazio Nuvolari Museum participated in the historical re-enactment of the highest uphill race in the world, celebrating the 90th anniversary of the first race on 28 August 1932.

The event, privately, was held with the participation of local institutions and guests of honor. Special thanks to the curator Stephan Gander and Fabio Castagna, representing the Museum, who presented the emotional video, made by GlobalMedia, dedicated to Tazio Nuvolari for the 130th anniversary of his birth.

On the corner, where the races started, there is a set-up in honor of the first 4 riders who reached the finish line: Stuck, Tadini, Caracciola and Nuvolari. The silhouettes of the cars and drivers will remain on display to the public throughout the month of September at the Hotel Bellavista (Trafoi BZ), owned by Gustav Thöni.

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