09/11/2022 - OPEN DAY


The desire to continue honoring our Champion on the day of the 130th anniversary of his birth is realized with an OPEN DAY open to Institutions, Citizens, Members, Partners and the Media. The day will see a truly exciting alternation of protagonists, belonging to different worlds, but united by the Mantua and love for Tazio Nuvolari.

November 16, 2022 - TAZIO NUVOLARI MUSEUM, Via Giulio Romano, corner Via Nazario Sauro - Mantua


10:45 am Accreditation of guests;

11:00 am Ceremony of commemoration: the President of the Automobile Club Mantova Alberto Marenghi, the Director of the Tazio Nuvolari Museum Giuseppe Pottocar, the representatives of the major city institutions and the main Partners will speak. Nivola’s Year video story;

12:15 pm Presentation of the degree thesis on Tazio Nuvolari, by Alessandro Battisti;

12:30 pm Drink with the new sparkling wine "Tazio Nuvolari" offered by Cantine Giubertoni;

6:00 pm Fai event in Mantua: 'Telling Nivola: a toast with Nuvolari', conference and aperitif for FAI members and interested people, on the trail of a myth with the writer Massimo Tassi and a great final toast with the new Nuvolari sparkling wine.

                    AUTOMOBILE CLUB MANTUA                                        TAZIO NUVOLARI MUSEUM

                                    The President                                                                                  The Director

                               Alberto MARENGHI                                                               Giuseppe POTTOCAR